Does SizeGenetics Really Work?

SizeGenetics is a penis extender device, and is part of a relatively new industry. However, the way extenders work by traction has been around for centuries, and you can even see examples of it today, such as the giraffe-neck paduang women of northern Thailand. Traction is also used in plastic surgery to help skin and bones grow.
While it's obvious that the science behind Size Genetics is a proven method for penis enlargement, how can we be sure SizeGenetics is the best way to spend your money on penis enlargement? Several methods exist for enlarging your penis, and we'll compare them below.
Method #1 - Penis Enlargement Pills
These don't work. If you want to enlarge your penis permanently, you'll be disappointed with any pills you buy. While they may greatly enhance your erections and give you great orgasms, penis pills do not cause cell growth, and therefore do not cause permanent gains.
Method #2 - Penis Enlargement Patches
Patches don't work either, for the same reasons. They're just a different way of delivering the same medications as pills, so they offer the same results.
Method #3 - Penis Enlargement Surgery
Surgery can work, but it is a painful process for your body and your wallet. Just to give you an idea - you'll get wheeled out of the hospital with a painful penis with extra skin grafted from your ass cheek fold, and a bill for $5000-15000 depending on complications. Finally, surgery is not a healthy way to enlarge your penis - you're vulnerable to infections, and because enlargement is done so quickly, it forces your body to try to repair damaged penile tissue, instead of encouraging it to grow new healthy tissue, like extenders do.
Method #4 - Penis Enlargement Extender Devices
Extenders work, period. They're the only non-surgical solution that is based on sound science. By applying gentle traction (stretch) to the penis, extenders trigger your body to begin cell growth in penile tissues. This causes all of the appropriate parts of your penis to grow at a safe, healthy rate. It also enlarges the corpora cavernosa, the chambers that fill with blood during an erection. This helps increase the girth of your penis as well, and is especially evident during erections.
SizeGenetics seems to be the extender of choice among the physicians at penis enlargement clinics worldwide. We suggest this might be because of the additional benefits of going with a device like SizeGenetics, such as the penis enlargement exercise DVD, lovemaking techniques DVD, and the level of customer support. Last we checked, if you have any problems with the device, they send spare parts and will even refund all of your money if you don't like the device. With a return rate of less than half a percent, it's obvious they have tens of thousands of satisfied customers. This makes us feel confident in recommending SizeGenetics as the most effective penis enlargement device.

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